The world isn't simple.

Know more with IATP.

Behind each of our policy battles
are the struggles of real people.

Conventional wisdom is that rural opposition to action on climate in the U.S. is immovable.

We've engaged 1,000+ rural residents in thoughtful dialogues about the impact of climate change. These discussions are spurring community action. And we're taking what we've learned from voices on the ground to global climate negotiations.

Agribusiness tells us what our kids should eat. We don't agree.

IATP is connecting Minnesota farmers and local Head Start Centers to get fresh food to children who need it. Our project in St. Paul provided 1,100+ children with 23,000 servings of foods grown by local farmers and we are expanding this work statewide in 2016.

Today's trade policy is a bill of rights for global agribusiness.

IATP cuts through the jargon to explain why and how trade agreements undermine efforts to reform our broken food and agriculture system. Last year we created a network of more than 200 food and farm movement organizations to fight for democratic processes in trade negotiations. In 2016, we will engage state legislators in fighting the Trans-Pacific Partnership and expanding local control of our food system.

IATP not only advocates for better trade policy, we create fair trade.

Through Peace Coffee, our fair trade coffee company, we live our mission,
paying coffee producers a fair price and crafting outstanding coffee.

There has been tremendous progress over the years,
but the choices we face are starker than ever.

There are solutions. There are better ways.
You can help make them a reality.

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The fate of life on Earth will be determined, ultimately, by the ideas that rule our actions: whether they are adaptive or destructive.
Thank you, IATP, for your sound research
and analysis of thinking about agriculture
and trade that will sustain life.
We need you now more than ever.

— Frances Moore Lappé