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Energy from the sun, biomass, wind, water, and other renewable sources offer the possibility to address issues of ownership, access, scale, efficiency and benefit humanity and nature.

Trump’s EPA Pick Protects Corporate Backers over the Environment

President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a record of hostility for environmental and public health protection at both state and federal levels.

Clean Power Plan and an equitable energy transition in rural America

The Clean Power Plan is a critical step in the fight against climate change, and it can also increase rural resilience if done right.

Obama Undermines Climate Efforts in Solar Trade Dispute

The USTR sends a warning after the WTO strikes down an Indian solar initiative: other governments attempting to support local, green businesses through "localization" policies will be challenged. 

Canadian energy company attacks U.S. right to set national energy policy

Trade dispute threatens national security of NAFTA signatory countries, including U.S.

Renewable Energy: Why Emissions and the Economy Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Renewable energy must address more than money and emissions. Minnesota has a program that does just that.

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