IATP Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets is a collaboration of ARC2020 and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy to examine how trade policy influences everyday life. IATP has been tracking the impact of corporate-led globalization and trade deals on the lives of everyday people and the planet for nearly 30 years. ARC 2020 is a platform of European organizations working on better food and farming, including the impacts of global trade and trade deals on food and agriculture.

Trade Secrets is a series on how the United States' international agreements influence a wide range of policies, laws and corporate activities within our borders-and beyond. From food safety to climate change and from labor to consumer protection, trade has an enormous and often invisible pull on the actions governments take and the choices available to citizens. Trade laws often displace hard-won domestic policies.

This series is a collection of primers on trade agreements and how they shape our daily lives, our workplaces and our governments.

ARC 2020

Trade Secrets is a joint project between
ARC 2020 and
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy