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Urge Congress members to vote NO on the TPP

On November 5th, President Obama notified Congress of his intent to sign the recently released Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)-the largest and most wide-reaching trade agreement in history. This starts the clock for the Fast Track approval process, and Congress is likely to consider the changes to U.S. law needed to bring the TPP into effect.

The lengthy, 30 chapter agreement, plus important fine-print annexes written in trade law language, will take time to fully analyze. But, a first review of the deal finds the TPP includes a number of much-criticized provisions, including those that grant greater legal power to foreign corporations to challenge national and local regulations. You can get the latest analysis of the TPP's impact on farmers, workers and consumers here: www.iatp.org and www.citizenstrade.org.

It's crucial to speak out now about the TPP. We need your help to connect those most impacted by bad trade deals-especially farmers, food workers and consumers-with their members of Congress to share their stories and opposition. We're committed to getting you the information you need as this fight progresses in the coming weeks-sharing information and key opportunities to tell Congress to vote "NO" on bad trade.

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