Pamela Saunders


Pam Saunders was a dairy farmer during the farm crisis years of the mid-80s in West Central Wisconsin, active in the fight to maintain the family farm and the fabric of rural life. In the '90s, she organized fellow beef producers to market their niche product and was hired by CROPP Cooperative in 1997 to develop the organic meat program. She held several management positions at CROPP prior to her retirement after 20 years. She and her partner operate a cabin rental business with an educational mission on the West Fork of the Kickapoo near Viroqua, WI, where they showcase their ongoing conservation efforts. She currently serves on the board of the American Hazelnut Company, a grower-owned company dedicated to the development of the Midwest hazelnut industry, and the promotion of this perennial crop with the potential to contribute significantly to more sustainable land use.