Pamela Saunders

Board Chair

Pam Saunders was a dairy farmer during the farm crisis years of the mid-80s in west central Wisconsin, active in the fight to maintain the family farm and the fabric of rural life. In the 90s, she organized fellow beef producers to market their niche product, and was hired by CROPP Cooperative in 1997 to incorporate that group into the Co-op. She has held several roles at CROPP, and is currently part of the Management Team for Organic Prairie, the subsidiary and meat brand of the Cooperative. She lives and works in La Farge, a village of 700 souls in southwest Wisconsin, where CROPP/Organic Valley is headquartered. CROPP Cooperative is the largest organic farmer-owned cooperative in the US. Pam also serves on the Advisory Board of the Niche Meat Processors Assistance Network, an organization dedicated to supporting and re-building the meat processing infrastructure in rural America through education and networking.