New video series: "Food Justice from the Ground Up"

New video series: "Food Justice from the Ground Up"

IATP's Food and Community Fellows

A just and healthy food system isn’t going to manifest out of the halls of Congress. The food justice movement needs support up and down the food chain—farmers, grocers, farm workers, writers, activists, parents, children, eaters. Stories are some of the most powerful tools that we have to create this change.

The fourteen IATP Food and Community Fellows are dynamic thinkers and change agents who are part of this movement and have fascinating stories to share. Jenga Mwendo, founder of the Backyard Gardeners Network in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, says that "the moment Hurricane Katrina hit was the moment I became a community organizer. People need to know there's a reason to come home. We're coming together to grow hope, food and power." Don Bustos farms the same arid New Mexico land that his ancestors have farmed for 300 years and describes his work “to train people how to use the water wisely, use the land wisely, so that we protect it for the next seven generations."

When you watch the videos in our new series, you’ll get “one minute of inspiration” from food justice heroes across the country. Our stories add to the groundswell that goes beyond federal farm policy or the usual “vote with your dollar” mantra. In these one-minute videos, each of the fourteen IATP Food and Community Fellows inspire a new vision of the world we want to build through a just and healthy food system. We hope you’ll join us.

New Video Series: Food Justice from the Ground Up
Directed and produced by IATP Food and Community Fellow and award winning filmmaker, educator and advocate, Shalini Kantayya.