Adidas, British Airways Investigate Their Forest Footprints

A number of companies including Adidas, British Airways, Kingfisher and Sainsbury's will provide the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project with information on their impacts on forests and what they are doing to shrink their forest footprints.GreenBiz.com

Stimulus money to create local forest goods co-op

Nearly $2 million in federal stimulus money awarded to the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station is aimed at growing the local forest product industry in Western North Carolina.Asheville Citizen Times

Thirsty eucalyptus trees get the chop in Kenya

Farmers in central Kenya are cutting down water-hungry eucalyptus tree species growing near water sources as a government directive aiming to save water takes effect.Environmental News Network

Animal Antibiotics

An estimated 70 % of all the antibiotics produced in the United States are not used to treat humans, but animals-and not because they're sick. These antibiotics are added to animal feed to promote growth or prevent illness for animals in confinement housing. Questions about how these practices are in turn affecting human health have prompted action in Congress.

The Cost of Palm Oil

"The day the (palm) seeds arrived in our country on the plane, I wondered, `what are these seeds?'" Matilda Pilacapio told us at a meeting in late September. Pilacapio is a human rights advocate from Milne Bay, Papua New G