Biofuels: The Good, the Bad

More and more we're seeing that the source for biofuels is critical in determining whether it produces energy with more or less carbon emissions than conventional energy.SustainableBusiness.com

Study: Accounting error undermines climate change laws

An important but fixable error in legal accounting rules used to measure compliance with carbon limits for bioenergy could undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging deforestation, according to a new study by 13 prominent scientists and land use experts published in the Oct.

Connecting the dots: Chemicals, food ingredients and learning disorders

Much of the U.S. regulatory system covering toxins is based on assessing individual chemicals and their effects on human health, rather than what happens in the real world—where we are exposed to multiple chemicals that interact with each other in a variety of ways. In a new article published

Monsanto and Pioneer duke it out over biotech corn, farmers take the hit

There is an old African saying “Whether elephants make love or war, the grass suffers.” The two elephants in the agricultural seed business are now making real war, although they have been wary of each other for years. Monsanto, a relatively recent entry into the business, has become the “dominant male” in the battle after moving to acquire a large number

Asian farmers' short video about climate change

Two weeks ago, I took part in a meeting convened by the Asian Farmers Association (AFA) in Bangkok for its member organizations about climate change and agriculture. As a result of the meeting, the AFA has developed a "call for gender-sensitive and capacity building for women on climate change."

The Power of Food Reserves: Volume 4

One of the political challenges in talking about food reserves, at both the national and international level, is that they are too often dismissed as a tool that has failed. Of course, food reserves have seen success and failure. And because many reserves have been mismanaged, agriculture economist Dr.

Community-based biomass power in Montana

NorthWestern Energy and the Montana Community Development Corporation (MCDC) are partnering with eight Montana sawmills and public and private landowners to help develop community-based biomass power in MontanaTimberBuySell.com