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Uprooted Episode 51: Suing the USDA over CAFO Loans

Josh talks with Ben Lilliston about a lawsuit that IATP has signed on to stop a policy that exempts CAFOs who receive federal loans from undergoing environmental review. You can read Ben's article on the topic here:  https://www.iatp.org/blog/factory-farms-slip-environmental-review-loans  

Trade, Migration and a Green New Deal

On January 8, IATP hosted a panel discussion on the intersection of trade, migration, and the proposed Green New Deal. Panelists included IATP Executive Director Juliette Majot, COPAL-MN Executive Director Francisco Segovia and Workday Minnesota Editor Filiberto Nolasco Gomez. The event was cosponsored by IATP, Alianza Americas and COPAL-MN.

[WATCH] IATP and Tri-Valley

The Tri-Valley Opportunity Council operates several head start centers across Western Minnesota, including this location in St. Cloud. Many of the children come from migrant families who work seasonally on farms in the state.