Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready crops increasing herbicide use

In 2003, at an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) conference in Indianapolis, I presented a paper entitled "GMO’s and IPM: are they compatible?" One focus of the discussion centered on the question of whether GMO’s will increase or decrease pesticide use over time?

Radio Sustain: November 1, 2010

In this month's Radio Sustain, we talk domestic food security with author Mark Winne, IATP's Sophia Murphy tells us the state of international food security initiatives, and IATP Food and Society Fellow Sean Sellers discusses ongoing farmworker justice issues in the United States and what consumers can do to help.

Meat industry unhappy over limiting the use of antibiotics

KANSAS CITY, MO. - For decades, factory farms have used antibiotics even in healthy animals to promote faster growth and prevent diseases that could sicken livestock held in confined quarters. The benefit: cheaper, more plentiful meat for consumers. But a firestorm has erupted over a federal proposal recommending antibiotics only when animals are actually sick.

Deforestation takes center-stage at U.N. talks

Delegates at a global U.N. meeting to preserve natural resources were on Tuesday trying to agree on ways to deploy about $4 billion in cash to help developing nations save tropical forests.Reuters

King County turns to horses to move logs through delicate site

King County ecologist Lisa Brandt had a problem. To build a habitat for salmon breeding, she needed to move more than 30 logs through a densely wooded area along the Snoqualmie River channel, but she couldn't find a suitable method of transportation.The Seattle Times

Is wood good?

States pursue small scale biomass as they await rule changesPlanet-Profit Report