Farm land bordering the industrial area
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October 28th at 3:00am CDT - October 28th at 5:30am CDT

EU's Climate Package - False solutions for agriculture and climate action

Organized by European Coordination La Via Campesina (ECVC), Friends of the Earth Europe, Good Food Good Farming, Greenpeace Europe and Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). 

What is at stake: How could false solutions in the EU’s Fit For 55 Package undermine real agricultural transformation and climate ambition

About the event

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been decided for the next years – but campaigning for the next CAP-reform must already begin as many other political decisions are on their way with a huge impacts on food and farming. On the 14th of July, the European Commission published the Fit For 55 Climate Package, a bundle of legislative proposals on the climate that include agriculture. EU agriculture and climate policy are now tied more closely than ever. Let’s learn together why campaigning on European agriculture reform and climate must be coordinated and what’s at stake for both movements.


10:00: Introduction and Framing: Why Fit for 55 Climate Package matters for agriculture and the climate?

10:10: Key agriculture elements of the Fit for 55 Package and what they mean for industrial agriculture emissions and the transition to agroecology?

  • Effort Sharing Regulation
  • Land Use, Land use Change and Forests Regulation
  • Carbon Farming Initiative and the Carbon Certification Framework
  • Political Timeline

11:00-11:30: Corporate interests & BigAg: A political reality check

  • What does BigAg want?
  • What are the forces at play within the European Commission, the Council and the Parliament?

Break (10 minutes)

11:40: The Net-zero narrative and false solutions

  • What does climate science demand for climate ambition?
  • What hinders real transition and support to agroecology?

12:30: END

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