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June 5th at 8:00am CDT - June 5th at 9:00am CDT

How corporate trade deals make the world more vulnerable to COVID-19

With the U.S.-U.K. trade negotiations starting again in the midst of the coronavirus crisis the issue of how international trade deals affect our economies, our environment and our government's ability to respond to crises like COVID-19 is back on the agenda.

Discussion will focus on how trade rules underpin the corporate structure of the global economy, what the Trump administration's trade agenda is, and how the pandemic could lead to a new wave of corporate court (ISDS) cases  and what to do to change this.


  • Sharon Treat, senior attorney at the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy, and previously a state legislator in Maine.
  • Cecilia Olivet, co-ordinator of the trade and investment programme at the Transnational Institute, and a member of the 2013-15 Ecuadorian government commission to audit the country's bilateral investment treaties.
  • Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now and a leading UK trade campaigner.

"How corporate trade deals make the world more vulnerable to COVID-19" is hosted by Global Justice Now