Irrigation in farm field
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December 2nd at 4:00am CST - December 3rd at 10:00am CST

Virtual WTO Symposium: Agricultural trade and food system transformation

Watch the recording of the Agricultural Trade in 2025, Toward Forward-Looking Disciplines session featuring Executive Director Sophia Murphy. 

The World Trade Organization is hosting a virtual agriculture symposium titled Agricultural Trade and Food System Transformation on December 2-3, 2020. 

Immediate and urgent action is required to transform how food is produced, transported and consumed. Recognition of this need is growing, driven by serious concern regarding the continued prevalence of extreme forms of hunger across the globe, diet-related health effects, damage to ecosystem services, climate change and distress among millions of small-scale food producers. To read the full event description and schedule of events, visit the WTO's website

On Thursday, December 3, IATP's Executive Director Sophia Murphy will participate as a speaker in a session entitled Agricultural Trade in 2025, Toward Forward-Looking Disciplines

Looking across the different pillars of the AoA, this session will solicit the views of trade experts on how best to reform agricultural trade policy and the design of forward-looking disciplines.


  • Sophia Murphy, Executive Director, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)
  • Gerda Van Dijk, South Africa, former Director at Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Agricultural Counsellor to the WTO
  • Carmel Cahill, Former Deputy Director Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD
  • Darci Vetter, Former Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR)
  • Janvier Nkurunziza Chief, Commodity Research and Analysis Section, UNCTAD


  • Cédric Pene, Counsellor, WTO Agriculture and Commodities Division

To participate, please register here. For more information on the WTO Agriculture symposium and to register for additional sessions, please see the event listing on the WTO's website.