AGRA report
Used under creative commons license from Timothy A. Wise

August 6th at 7:00am CDT - August 6th at 8:00am CDT

WEBINAR: AGRA's Failed Promises - Liberating our Agriculture

A recently-released report by a coalition of German and African civil society groups, "False Promises," shows that the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa is failing on its own terms. Based partly on a research paper by Timothy A. Wise, the report underscores the destructive work of AGRA and similar models of agriculture in Africa.

HOMEF in collaboration with AFJN is hosting a webinar that will highlight the failed promises of AGRA and the so-called Green Revolution and chart the path for the liberation of our agricultural systems.

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Speakers will include:
Vandana Shiva, an environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author.

Mamadou Göita, a development economist and Executive Director of the Institute for Research and Promotion of Alternatives in Development (IRPAD) and he is one of the coauthors of the report, "False Promises".

Devinder Sharma, One of India's leading agriculture, food policy expert, researcher, and writer.
Timothy A. Wise, senior advisor at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and author of the book "Eating Tomorrow".

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