Agroecology comes to Capitol Hill

Staff from congressional offices, development agencies and family farm organizations jammed into a crowded briefing room on Capitol Hill on Thursday to hear more about new approaches to food security that help farmers feed their communities while working with nature. The briefing was sponsored by IATP and the Interfaith Working Group

Shiney Varghese, IATP

Shiney Varghese is a Senior Trade Policy Analyst at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). Her area of expertise is global water policy and its impact on water and food security, and she has published works on the environment, gender and human rights.

Farm Subsidies and Africa: Cotton's Not King

SAINT PAUL, Minnesota It is increasingly asserted that American and European agricultural subsidies inhibit prosperity in the developing world, particularly in Africa. Critics argue that rich nations have aggressively dismantled trade barriers on industrial goods, yet shamelessly refused to do so for agriculture, where many African nations would have a comparative advantage.

EU Says Australia Cannot Ignore Kyoto

Europe's chief negotiator on the Kyoto climate-change agreement has warned that Australia's opposition will become untenable when Russia signs, possibly before the end of the year, and has called on Australians to demand stronger political leadership on the issue.

New EQUIP Payments

BISMARCK, N.D. A federal conservation program is handing out more assistance to farmers and ranchers across the Northern Plains and Montana this year. The government received nearly 8,000 applications from the Dakotas, Minnesota and Montana for the Environmental Quality Incentive Program.