Opponents Of Upcoming Davos Forum Plan To Block Access To Participants

Agence France Presse | December 8, 2003 Opponents of the World Economic Forum in Davos said Monday they will disrupt the annual event this January by blocking the access to participants. The "Swiss anti-WTO coordination" said it plans to respond to the "militarisation" of the 2004 forum, where some 6,500 soldiers are expected to be dispatched.

Trade Summit Ready For Onslaught

Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) | By Doreen Hemlock | August 25, 2003 With just three months to go before Miami hosts a historic Americas trade ministers' meeting, organizers say they're on track to raise at least $10 million to fund the event -- much of it for security to handle as many as 6,000 delegates and 100,000 protesters expected to attend.

NGOs Call for Greater Corporate Accountability at Johannesburg

Johannesburg Summit release | January 31, 2002 Even as leaders of non-governmental organizations express their anger against the corporate leaders who are meeting at the World Economic Forum they say there are also reasons to be hopeful about the World Summit on Sustainable Development that will take place in Johannesburg from 26 August to 4 September.