DAVOS At-a-glance Guide to the Main Points

AFX European Focus | January 26, 2004 Following are the main points from this year's World Economic Forum here. ECONOMY - US Commerce Secretary Donald Evans told the forum he felt the US budget deficit as it stands is 'appropriate', but will come down

US Congressional Panel Votes To End Tax Breaks For Exporters

Agence France Presse | October 29, 2003 A US congressional panel Tuesday voted to strike down tax breaks for US exporters, which have been deemed illegal by the World Trade Organization and which could draw massive European countermeasures if not repealed.

Globalization Fight Continues

The Toronto Star | By Luke Eric Peterson | July 22, 2003 Exactly when is a victory a "victory" in the campaign against unfettered economic globalization? As protesters gather next week in Montreal at a meeting of world trade ministers, they can be forgiven for feeling more than a vague sense of deja vu.