President Will Travel to Monterrey, Mexico for FfD

Office of the Press Secretary | For Immediate Release, January 30, 2002 Statement by the White House Press Secretary The President will travel to Monterrey, Mexico to participate in the International Conference on Financing for Development on March 22 and to meet with President Fox.

Monterrey Consensus on Development Finance Agreed

Press Release | January 29, 2002 New York - After two weeks of intensive negotiating, countries reached agreement on a wide range of issues that puts development at the centre of global financial reforms and paves the way for the International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) in Monterrey, Mexico on 18 - 22 March 2002.

Agriculture-Peru: Protectionist Measures Sought by Farmers

Inter Press Service | January 14, 2002 | By Abraham Lama LIMA - Peruvian farmers and agricultural experts are demanding credit and protectionist measures from the government to help the impoverished rural population, most of whom still work the fields using tools whose design dates to the pre-Hispanic era.

Blame the IMF Crowd: The One-Size-Fits-All Globalization Model Just Didn""t Work

Los Angeles Times | December 30, 2001 | by Marc Cooper A businessman trafficking in women in the red-light district of Buenos Aires refers to his most sought-after prostitute as la mina--the gold mine that produces his wealth. That's precisely the unfortunate role Argentina played in world markets over the last decade--it has been a gold mine for overseas investors.