Losing Touch With the World

Along with the rising human, financial and political costs of occupying Iraq, the United States will soon be paying the price of neglecting other parts of the world. The most important case is Asia, where America is on the verge of going AWOL--absent without leave. This is particularly true when it comes to the economic issues that are of such great concern to the region.

Wheat Board Won't Be Scrapped

International Trade Minister Jim Peterson said Thursday he won't agree to scrap the Canadian Wheat Board as part of trade liberalization negotiations. "We are prepared to subject our Canadian Wheat Board to all sorts of disciplines to ensure that it isn't trade distorting, but the institution itself is not on the table," Peterson told The Associated Press in an interview.

US Says Trade Talks Need Support Of Developping Countries To Succeed

US trade representive Robert Zoellick called Wednesday on big developing countries to play their part in getting stalled global trade liberalisation talks off the ground. "To take on the challenges of global trade, especially in the Doha negociations, we will need the support of the developing economies", Zoellick said at a press conference at the French senate.

EU Farm Ministers Stall On Genetically Modified Corn

Agence France Presse| April 26, 2004 EU farm ministers were unable to agree Monday on approval for the sale of BT-11 bio-engineered corn, and sent the issue back to the European Commission, a European source said. If approved, the measure would in effect lift a five-year European Union ban on genetically modified (GM) foods.