Press Release

Joint Principles for Regulation of the U.S. Financial and Commodity Derivatives Markets

These Principles constitute a common platform for a group of more than 60 consumer groups, business associations, farmer organizations, NGOs, energy traders and independent financial analysts. The platform will be used to persuade the U.S. Congress and regulators to regulate financial and commodity derivatives stringently to prevent another financial industry debacle, and economic crisis.

Letter on Carbon Derivatives Trading

The letter to Senators Boxer and Kerry does not take a position on the overall content of the draft Senate bill on energy and climate change. It advises the Senators that trading carbon emissions derivatives under pending commodity futures legislation could create extreme price volatility that could delay and inhibit investments in Green House Gas reduction technology

Questionable start for new biomass program

The way the U.S. Department of Agriculture has rolled out the first part of BCAP is raising eyebrows, as initial funding seems to be going to pay for already-existing biomass supplies used for renewable energy, instead of focusing on helping to jump-start the new cellulosic energy future.