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Radio Sustain: August 21, 2006

Jim Riddle on the battle over organic milk standards, Richard Levins on the impact of globalization on the American middle class, and a trip to the Minnesota State Fair to learn about the new Eco-Experience building.

Radio Sustain: July 24, 2006

Carin Smaller on the collapse of the WTO's Doha Round, Michael Sligh from Rural Advancement Foundation International and Mark Muller on Mississippi River navigation.

Radio Sustain: July 17, 2006

Kathleen Schuler on a new report that tracks the economic impact pollution has on Minnesota, Don Arnosti on sustainable tree harvesting at the Leopold Center in Wisconsin and Dennis Olson on U.S. farm subsidies in the run-up to the debate over the Farm Bill.

Radio Sustain: June 19, 2006

Is the World Trade Organization's Doha Round failing? Carin Smaller discusses WTO developments from Geneva; Jim Kleinschmit talks about how the emerging bioeconomy, like corn-based fuel and plastics, can revolutionize rural America; Minneapolis's Wedge Co-op starts the Sow the Seeds Fund to support local farmers, and Townhall Brewery unveils a beer made with fair trade Peace Coffee.