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In a historical moment characterized by volatility—financial markets, food prices, extreme weather, war, forced migrations—the need for international norms that promote peace, stability and well-being couldn’t be more pressing.

Monsanto Wants to Move to Switzerland. Why Is Obama Doing It Favors?

Monsanto goes off shore to Switzerland in Syngenta bid to avoid paying taxes

Trade Rules Create Obstacle Course for a Better Food System

Trade Rules Create Obstacle Course for a Better Food System

Superbugs a grave global threat by 2030 due to industrial meat production

A massive global increase in factory-farmed meat production by 2030 will increase antibiotic use by 67 percent, posing a “public health threat,” predicts a newly released study.

Upcoming interview with IATP’s Dr. Jahi Chappell on GMOs for HBO’s “Vice”

Appearing on the May 8th episode of HBO's Vice, IATP’s Dr. Jahi Chappell weighs in on GMOs.

Fast Track a Bad Deal for Farmers and Our Food System, 110+ groups say

Groups express concern that pending trade deals will primarily benefit agribusiness corporations and not address the key challenges facing farmers and rural communities.

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