Staff and Advisors

Colleen Borgendale

Communications Manager and Creative Director

Colleen Borgendale is the communications manager and creative director at IATP.

Anna Claussen

Director of Rural Strategies

Anna Claussen is the director of Rural Strategies at IATP.

Yohannes Ghebru

Accounting Manager

Yohannes Ghebru is the finance assistant at IATP.

Karen Hansen-Kuhn

Director of Trade, Technology and Global Governance

Karen Hansen-Kuhn is the director of IATP's trade, technology and global governance and works in Washington, D.C.

Jim Harkness

Senior Advisor on China

Jim Harkness is Senior Advisor on China

Dennis Keeney

Senior Advisor

Dr. Dennis Keeney is a senior advisor to IATP on Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture since 2000 and served as the first director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

Jim Kleinschmit

Senior Advisor on Climate, Energy and Sustainable Systems

Jim Kleinschmit is IATP's Senior Advisor of Climate and Energy Initiatives.

Patti Landres


Patti sorts and organizes all of IATP's documents and archives.

Ben Lilliston

Director of Corporate Strategies and Climate Change

Ben Lilliston is the director of corporate strategies and climate change at IATP

Juliette Majot

Executive Director

Juliette Majot is the executive director of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Erin McKee VanSlooten

Farm to Institution Project Director

Erin McKee VanSlooten is the project director for IATP's Farm to Institution work.

Sophia Murphy

Senior Advisor

Sophia Murphy is a senior advisor to IATP on Trade and Food Security.

Karen Quiroz

Senior Development Officer

Karen Quiroz is IATP's senior development officer.

Tara Ritter

Program Associate for Climate and Rural Communities

Tara Ritter is a program associate with IATP.

Shefali Sharma

Director Agricultural Commodities and Globalization

Shefali Sharma is director of IATP's Agricultural Commodities and Globalization Initiatives.

Dr. Steve Suppan

Senior Policy Analyst

Dr. Steve Suppan is a senior policy analyst focusing on agriculture, trade and food safety policy.

Sharon Anglin Treat


Sharon Anglin Treat is a lawyer and public policy analyst.

Patrick Tsai

Senior Programmer and Research Associate

Patrick Tsai's duties include research, writing and policy analysis.

Shiney Varghese

Senior Policy Analyst for Water, Agroecology and Global Governance

Shiney Varghese leads IATP's work on global water policy.

Linda Vieira

Building Manager

Linda Vieira is responsible for the well-being of IATP's 100-year-old office buildings.

Robert G. Wallace


Rob Wallace is an evolutionary biologist presently visiting the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Global Studies.


Maddie Halpert
Maddie Halpert is pursuing a Master of Arts in Food Studies at Chatham University, where she is the Graduate Assistant in Agroecology. At Chatham, she is involved in research on the social and ecological roles of home-garden food production in southwestern Pennsylvania. She is also currently making a stop-motion video about U.S. agriculture policy.

Upon reading an IATP paper on food aid policy last year, Maddie became interested in the organization’s work. She is excited to be doing research for IATP on the Open Source Seed Initiative and debates about intellectual property protections for genetic information. In general, she hopes to support food systems’ contributions to fostering both stable ecosystems and communities that distribute influence and outcomes equitably to everyone involved.

Maddie has a B.A. in Anthropology from Oberlin College. Among other things, she enjoys planning overly elaborate surprises, experiencing live music, and being upside-down. She grew up in a family of eight in Ithaca, NY.


Moriah Maternoski
Moriah is a third year student pursuing her undergraduate degree in Food Systems, Nutrition and Sustainability Studies at the University of Minnesota. She wants to work to change our food system through gathering diverse groups of people and giving them the tools and skillset to know how to cook/grow nutritious and tasty foods. She is interested in increasing the supply of locally sourced food in communities and hopes to build local economies and networks of farmers, distributors and potential markets in the process. She is especially passionate about working in school food systems and having a Farm-to-School coordinator role after she finishes her degree. She interned with the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Farm-to-School coordinator last fall, which spurred her interest in further expanding local food sourcing and taste tests in other school districts.


Ziyi Qian
Ziyi Qian is a junior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Food Systems and focusing on Consumers and Markets. During his three years at the University, he has developed a great interest in creating a healthy, sustainable food system. He is passionate about working with communities and communicating with people. As an international student from China, he is willing to bring a cultural diversity and a variety of perspectives to IATP.


Claire Stoscheck
Claire Stoscheck is a researcher, community organizer, educator, advocate and non-profit leader who is deeply committed to and passionate about social justice and environmental sustainability. She’s had a diverse and extensive professional career in the U.S. and Ecuador. Currently she is a candidate for a Masters of Public Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs (at the University of Minnesota) with a concentration in Sustainable Community Food Systems and a focus in Community Economic Development, a Minor in Sustainable Agriculture, and a Certificate in Equity and Diversity. She is collaborating with IATP staff on research regarding values-based institutional food procurement policies.

Jack Stuart
Jack is from the UK where he study Economics and International Relations at the University of Exeter with a focus on international economics and security studies. He is currently studying abroad at American University for his junior year and applied for an internship at IATP because of his interests in international trade, how the 'new era' of international trade deals are being negotiated, and what issues are being given are being priority and why. When he’s not studying and interning, he enjoys playing guitar and traveling.

Anna Travis
Anna Travis is a junior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She is a Food Systems major with a track concentration of Consumers and Markets. Anna has experience working in the restaurant industry as both a line cook and a bread baker. However, she is now looking forward to working in other areas of the food system, particularly with improving food access and education about food. In her free time, Anna enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends, trying new cuisines, and traveling.