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Whether they involve trade agreements or global climate finance deals, the rules governing markets matter. IATP challenges market rules that favor large corporations or financial speculators over small-scale farmers and consumers.

Farmers and eaters lose, corporate money wins in budget deal

Amazingly terrible spending agreement illustrates heavy price we pay due to corporate influence in politics.

Stop the DARK Act and label food containing GMOs!

Don’t let agribusiness and big food keep us in the dark about what is in our food. Take action now!

Trade vs. local economies: Procurement on the table

Free trade agreements threaten local procurement programs. A new IATP paper digs into what's at risk.

Farmers, Ranchers and Consumers Lose on WTO COOL Ruling

The WTO says multinational meat companies don't have to tell you where your food comes from.

Don’t let trade trump GMO labeling

70 U.S. NGOs from around the country wrote the USTR to demand it not restrict efforts to label GMOs in the ongoing secret U.S.-EU trade talks.

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