Mini Markets

While some Minneapolis neighborhoods enjoy a bountiful supply of healthy foods, others do not. Since 2006, IATP's Mini Farmers Market project has helped address this reality by bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to Minneapolis neighborhoods that lack healthy food options.

Through the mini-market project, we have helped launch a set of small farmers markets, each of which is hosted and managed by a neighborhood-based organization. To further increase food access, many of the mini-markets are authorized to accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) food assistance coupons and WIC Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers. Many mini-markets are also linked with food shelves, to which participating farmers donate fresh produce.

To support the mini-market concept, IATP helped secure passage of a 2007 City of Minneapolis policy that greatly reduced the time and expense of starting a small market. This new policy has enabled a variety of community centers, senior residences and other neighborhood organizations to host a mini farmers market right on their own property.

Since the inception of the project, IATP has provided training, technical assistance, promotional support, evaluation and other services to our Network of Mini Markets. Starting in 2012, IATP is transitioning leadership of the Mini Market Network to four community organizations that will serve as Network Coordinators (Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, Kingfield Farmers Market, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, and the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market). The Network Coordinators will act as the liaisons between the markets and the City of Minneapolis, provide an ‘umbrella’ service with the State Department of Agriculture so that the markets can accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) coupons, help with technical assistance and troubleshooting throughout the market season, and foster communication among market managers. Each existing market has been assigned to one of the four Network Coordinators.

To find out more about this year’s mini-markets, please use the contacts below. Have a wonderful farmers market season!

For Heritage Commons, St. Olaf and Camden Farmers Markets, please see this flyer.

For South of Lake, Park Avenue, Ebenezer Park, Ebenezer Tower and Stevens Square Farmers Markets, please contact Kingfield Farmers Market.

For Glendale, Augsburg, Brian Coyle, Fairview U of M, Fairview St. Kate’s and Abbott Farmers Markets, please contact the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches.

For Audubon Farmers Market, please contact the Audubon Neighborhood Association.

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