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Agriculture can provide an abundant supply of food, economic resiliency for local economies and financial success for farmers and peasants, all without exploiting people or nature.

Agribusiness and food corporations are not people

Citizen's United has unleashed agribusiness to buy the government it wants. Real citizens are fighting back.

Drawing upon citizens' voices: Deep democracy in action

Through the food movement, people around the world are creating new ways of participating in democracy and changing the food landscape in their local community.

Report: Fungicide resistance poses serious threat to human health, agriculture

The beneficial effects of fungicides are rapidly dwindling, opening a vulnerability to fungi in plants and animals.

Mo’ benefits, mo’ productivity, less problems

New research shows that production from organic agriculture shapes up better against input-heavy conventional agriculture than previously thought.

Don't let Big Meat eat our bumper crop

Record production, corporate sponsored legislation and Big Meat teeing up exports means the scene is set for an explosion in factory farms. Consumers and rural communities deserve better.

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