IATP aims to be a go to source for analysis of agricultural policy in the United States, including through our Farm Bill Portal. We focus on Farm Bill programs, incentives for sustainable agriculture, ag biotechnology and nanotechnology, food safety and regulatory policy. We are firmly committed to addressing the agricultural contribution to climate change and promoting solutions that reduce emissions, while creating greater soil health and stability for farmers. We are also committed to combating corporate concentration in agriculture, and the destructive practices that causes.

Uprooted Episode 38: Chatting with the IATP Board

IATP hosted its annual board meeting from June 24-26. Three members of the IATP Board of Directors, Becky Glass, Sivan Kartha and Board Chair Pamela Saunders, joined Josh Wise to discuss how they got involved with IATP, the challenges facing the institute today and what gives them hope in today's world. 

Reject the House Factory Farm Bill

IATP was one of 34 organizations addressing a letter to the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The Coalition for Family Farms and the Environment is urging Congress to vote no on H.R. 2, the Farm Bill that is partisan and harms family farms for the benefit of corporate interests.