​​​​​​IATP’s Community Food Systems program strives to build vibrant community-based food systems that give all people access to sufficient, safe, culturally appropriate and nutritious food while also developing local food supply chains that will allow small- to mid-scale farmers to access a variety of new markets. We envision decentralized, local food systems that are accountable to, and largely controlled by, the community members who depend on them, where food is produced and distributed in a manner that builds equity, justice, and resiliency in policy and practice.

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barn in the fall
Children receiving local foods in a school cafeteria.
Community Food Systems
Image of childcare provider with plates of food next to image of adult showing fresh produce to a group of children.
Community Food Systems
Group of 7 people representing MN farm to school organizations standing in a line
Community Food Systems
Children receiving vegetables

Agroecology & Community Food Systems

Farm to School and Early Care represents one concrete way to support the implementation of agroecological principles locally. These programs tie directly to the agroecological principles of promoting a circular economy, working to connect producers and consumers, and supporting local producers.