Staff and Advisors

Development Manager

Claudia Aurand is the development manager at IATP.

Media and Communications Manager

Cecelia Brackey is the media and communications manager at IATP.

Director of Trade and International Strategies

Karen Hansen-Kuhn is the director of trade and international strategies at IATP and works in Washington, D.C.

Program Associate for Climate and Rural Communities

Michael Happ is the program associate for climate and rural communities at IATP. 

Director of Rural Strategies and Climate Change

Ben Lilliston is the director of rural strategies and climate change at IATP. 

Senior Trade Policy Analyst

Calvin Manduna is a senior trade policy analyst based in the Washington, D.C. office. 

Community Food Systems Program Director

Erin McKee VanSlooten is the program director for IATP's Community Food Systems work.

Community Farm to School and Early Care Evaluation and Data Analysis Intern

Karla Moreno Polanco is the community farm to school and early care evaluation and data analysis intern.

Executive Director

Sophia Murphy is the executive director of IATP. 

Director of Finance and Operations

Vanessa is the director of finance and operations at IATP.

Digital Communications Manager

Lilly Richard is the digital communications manager at IATP. 

Climate and Agriculture Policy Officer

Sophie Scherger is the climate and agriculture policy officer at the IATP Europe office. 

Community Food Systems Program Associate

Nora Shields-Cutler is the program associate for community food systems at IATP.

Senior Policy Analyst

Dr. Steve Suppan is a senior policy analyst focusing on agriculture, trade and food safety policy.

Senior Policy Analyst

Shiney Varghese is a public policy analyst focusing on water, agroecology and global governance. 

Senior Advisor

Timothy A. Wise is a senior advisor at IATP, where his work focuses on agribusiness, family farmers and the future of food.