Climate Change

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Climate change and agriculture are tied directly to social equity and development. Agriculture is both a cause and solution to global warming. Climate change creates new challenges to food production and the people who produce it.

People’s Climate March: The currency of movements

At 400,000 participants, the People’s Climate March was at least four times larger than any other climate rally in history.

Tar sands, trade rules and the gutting of human rights for corporate profit

While energy sources evolve, one trend remains constant: The protection of corporate profits at the expense of human rights, sovereignty and the environment.

Corporations represent at UN climate summit

The controversial and corporate-led Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture (GACSA) was officially launched at the U.N. Climate Summit despite ongoing criticism.

Why we need agroecology, now

We already have the tools to slow climate change, we just need to use them.

Real solutions from agriculture at the People's Climate March

Is climate change reform possible? IATP's Tara Ritter reports from the NYC Climate Convergence.

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