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Cheryl Danley

Angela Tagtow

Food systems are big and controlled by powerful interests. To overcome inertia and realize a healthier, more just food system will take the strength of numbers. Professional associations can not only bring numbers, but also the resources of their staff and combined membership.

Dr. David Wallinga, Senior Advisor in Science, Food and Health at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, will provide a big-picture perspective on "talking food systems" with health professional organizations like the American Public Health Association and the American Medical Association. He will discuss their increasing involvement in food systems issues, such as the Farm Bill and the use of antibiotics.

Angie Tagtow, a registered dietitian and environmental nutritionist, will share her experiences, strategies and successes for cultivating sustainable and accessible food and water systems concepts and competencies within the 72,000-strong Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association).

IATP Food and Community Fellow Cheryl Danley of the Center for Regional Food Systems at Michigan State shares her experience engaging young scholars of color in Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS), a national association with 72 chapters at grant universities from 38 states and one of the most diverse organizations of its kind.

Join our panelists for a discussion on the important role of professional associations in creating food systems change. This webinar is brought to you by Healthy Food Action and IATP's Food and Community Fellows Program.


  • Angie Tagtow, RD
  • Cheryl Danley
  • David Wallinga, MD