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Topics Covered:

  • Regulation and Additionl Safer Chemistry Drivers
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Biz-NGO Framework
  • Business Case Study - Staples
  • Companies for Safer Chemicals campaign



Mark Rossi, Biz-NGO Work Group, Clean Production Action

Roger McFadden, Staples

Bryan McGannon, American Sustainable Business Council

A project of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network, funded through a grant from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, this webinar series is designed to provide businesses in the Great Lakes basin with training and resources to increase sustainability and reduce the use of toxic chemicals in consumer products and processes throughout the supply chain. It will provide a framework for evaluating the best approach and tools for businesses in meeting goals to eliminate or reduce the use of toxic chemicals in products and processes. Increasingly companies are looking at the chemicals used in their products and processes with an eye to reducing their environmental impacts. Many are using green chemistry and life cycle assessment as frameworks for increasing the sustainability of their products and processes and assuring the use of safer chemicals throughout their supply chains. These businesses recognize the value and cost savings from reducing toxic inputs, including regulatory compliance, reduced liability, and meeting consumer demand for safer products.