right to food and just transition event
Used under creative commons license from Action Aid USA

March 6th at 10:00am CST - March 6th at 11:30am CST

The Human Right to Food and Just Transition in Agriculture: Global Perspectives

The increasing urgency of the climate crisis is creating new opportunities for structural reforms to farm, trade, food and energy policies. It is critical to ensure that justice and equity are at the center of these reforms.

The Human Right to Food and Just Transition are global frameworks that offer complimentary approaches to systemic reform of our food, agriculture, and energy systems. These frameworks also protect the rights of food producers, consumers and rural and urban communities.

Join us to delve deeper into the challenges and opportunities for civil society organizations in 2020 and beyond. Refreshments will be offered.

Raj Patel (joining remotely) — Research Professor, University of Texas-Austin + Member, International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems
Suzanne Babb — Director of US Programs, Nourish Network for the Right to Food, WhyHunger
Karen Hansen-Kuhn — Program Director, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Tristan Quinn-Thibodeau — Campaigner, ActionAid USA
Jordan Treakle — Policy Director, National Family Farm Coalition

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