india protest webinar
Used under creative commons license from Indra Singh

June 2nd at 9:00am CDT - June 2nd at 10:45pm CDT

Indian Farmer Uprising: A Tipping Point for International Agricultural Policy?

Join the Ethnographies of Empire Research Cluster at American University School of International Service for a public webinar on the international significance of the largest protest in recorded history. In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, climate change and state repression, Indian farmers contest corporate capture and demand fair prices and agrarian justice. Now what?

Keynote: Devinder Sharma, India's leading agriculture and food policy expert

Speaker: Indra Shekhar Singh, policy expert, former policy and outreach director, National Seed Association of India

Discussants: Adam Jadhav, Daljit Soni, Shiney Varghese, Veronica Limeberry, Kanika Varma

Moderator: Garrett Graddy-Lovelace, AU SIS and Disparity to Parity

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