Promo flyer for COP27 net zero side event
Used under creative commons license from IPES Food

November 9th at 6:30am CST - November 9th at 7:45am CST

Net Zero Food Systems: Fact or fiction?

In the face of mounting climate chaos and growing demands for action, many countries, cities and agri-food corporations have responded with pledges to reach "net zero" greenhouse gas emissions. While these promises may sound ambitious, they are often followed up with few details, rely on problematic carbon offsets and exaggerate mitigation potentials. In this COP27 side event, Net Zero Food Systems: Fact or fiction? Examining corporate, municipal, and national pledges, we will unpack how plausible and useful the goal of a "net zero" food system is by diving into country, municipal and corporate pledges, and the framings needed to move towards meaningful actions for food systems sustainability.

In-person Location: 

Food4Climate Pavilion 

Attend Virtually:  

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  • Shefali Sharma, IATP Europe
  • Patty Fong, Director Climate, Health & Well-being, GAFF
  • Kirtana Chandrasekaran, International programme coordinator, FoEI
  • Latha Swamy, Food Policy Director, New Haven 
  • Rukshana Nanayakkara, Global Policy and Advocacy Expert, International Land Coalition 
  • Rachel Bezner Kerr, Professor Cornell University, IPCC Coordinating Lead Author AR6 WGII 


  • IPES-Food 
  • The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy