The U and the Flu: The bad science behind industrial poultry

February 13th at 6:30pm CST - February 13th at 8:00pm CST

The U and the Flu: The bad science behind industrial poultry

It's been months since we've heard about bird flu in the U.S., but multiple outbreaks of deadly H5 bird flu are decimating poultry across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Yet, big poultry and its collaborators in government, including researchers at the University of Minnesota, are blaming wild waterfowl, which act as reservoirs for many influenza strains, for the new poultry outbreaks.

Join us Monday, February 13 in Minneapolis or via Facebook live for a talk with evolutionary biologist, Rob Wallace, when he discusses calling out the bad science being done to protect the industry from changing the confinement practices that cause the flu outbreaks, and what we can do to work for food systems that are not a public health risk. Read his latest blog on the subject as a primer for his talk.

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