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Carbon farming: How big corporations are driving the EU’s carbon removals agenda

The European Commission sees itself as a trailblazer in creating an overarching framework to certify all kinds of carbon removals. The EC is promoting carbon farming as a key solution in EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework, and carbon farming is part of a rapidly growing corporate agenda. In a new report, we analyze how big corporations are driving the EU’s carbon removals agenda. 

Emissions Impossible Methane Edition Report Cover

Emissions Impossible: Methane Edition

Our new report, Emissions Impossible: Methane Edition, with the Changing Markets Foundation reveals that 15 of the world’s largest meat and dairy companies emit more methane than countries such as Russia, Canada, Australia or Germany. The extent to which just these 15 companies are polluting our planet is staggering, and companies' emissions are on the rise. We're calling on governments to enact comprehensive rules to regulate the emissions of global meat and dairy corporations and support farmers in a just transition away from industrial agriculture towards agroecology. 

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