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Don Bustos

Named one of "Nine Innovative Food Websites You Can't Live Without" by Forbes, IATP's What's at Stake Series takes a fresh look at seven key issues for the 2012 Farm Bill. As debate of the 2012 farm bill continues, this webinar will highlight three key issues from the IATP series: health, equity and publicly funded research. Jennifer Billig will discuss how food and agricultural policy is disconnected from concerns for public health even though the health impacts of the farm bill are considerable. Food and Community Fellow and New Mexico farmer Don Bustos will focus on justice and equity issues in the farm bill. In particular, he will discuss inequitable support for socially disadvantaged farmers, many of whom grow fruits and vegetables. Mark Muller will discuss how public research heavily influences the small price differences that sway important decisions, including those made by corporations about what food products to develop and market, as well as those made by consumers about what to feed their families.


  • Jennifer Billig
  • Don Bustos
  • Mark Muller
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