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International Forum on Globalization, with a contribution by Mark Ritchie

The World Trade Organization: Global Government for the New Millennium?

One of the most thorough and detailed explanations of the immense global and economic reach of the WTO and how it transferred economic and political power away from national governments and handed it to global corporations. Examples of chapters included in this booklet are:

1- The WTO's threat to the natural world, including the key WTO agreements with environmental effects and significant rulings.

2- Globalization of industrial agriculture, the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and the impacts on food safety and public health. Included are case studies of WTO rulings that have gone against member countries efforts to safeguard their citizen's health and to set agriculture policies that protect their farmers and consumers.

3- Homogenizing different cultures and their traditions by replacing them with western popular culture and products.  Examples of cases related to culture brought before the WTO for complaint resolution are included.

4- Intellectual property rights under the WTO. Through the WTO Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), the WTO has the authority to rule on patents, trademarks and copyright law.

5- Finance and investment and the Agreement on Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMS). TRIMS has seriously effected countries abilities to control finance and investment within their boarders, it covers such things as government procurement policies and investment in goods (import of raw materials or export of goods). The impact of TRIMS is explained through examples of investor-state cases brought before the WTO for resolution.

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