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Supporting and certifying more sustainable agricultural production

The Working Landscapes Certificate™ (WLC) program was created by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) in 2006 to allow the emerging biomaterials sector to directly support farmers producing crops in a more sustainable manner. WLC criteria start with a non-GMO requirement, but also include consideration of water and soil quality, pollinator protection, greenhouse gas emissions, and other sustainability concerns. Over the last eight years, the WLC program has been refined and expanded, including the development of an accredited third party auditing system and harmonization with existing full supply chain verification systems.

WLCs continue to fill a needed role in the biomaterials market, but this proven system is now also ready to be scaled up and broadened to include other crops and direct markets such as food and feed. With the spectacular growth and interest in non-GMO production, there is a clear need for verification systems that include not only GMO criteria, but also the other critical sustainability aspects covered by the WLC criteria. The Working Landscapes Certificates Program is one of the few systems ready to meet this new demand for what we call nonGMOplus™ production.

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