Politics of Hope
Used under creative commons license from Open Labour

March 21st at 5:00am CDT - March 21st at 3:00pm CDT

Politics of Hope

Open Labour is hosting an action-packed day of debates, workshops and guest speakers on Sunday, March 21. 

With COVID-19, Brexit, climate change and the global rise of the far-right, politics feels quite bleak.

Open Labour wants to create a "Politics of Hope": a new agenda within Labour taking on the immediate COVID-19 challenge and the long term challenges around climate change, automation, a broken electoral system, global inequality and more.

Join the online conference on Sunday, March 21, which will include workshops, discussions and debates with politicians, campaigners and minds from across the movement.

IATP's Senior Attorney Sharon Treat will present on a two-person panel on trade policy. 

Visit Open Labor's website to purchase a ticket