IATP aims to be a go to source for analysis of agricultural policy in the United States, including through our Farm Bill Portal. We focus on Farm Bill programs, incentives for sustainable agriculture, ag biotechnology and nanotechnology, food safety and regulatory policy.

Farmers need markets. If we are serious about transitioning away from intensive, export-driven agriculture, we must set up systems for farmers to get a fair price.

The industrial meat and dairy sector emits more greenhouse gas than the entire transportation sector, while often relying on forced farm and slaughterhouse labor and draconian contracts for farmers. IATP has, for the first time, assigned greenhouse gas footprints directly to the corporations responsible.

IATP has long been a leader in making sure global agreements protect the rights of farmers around the world.

Climate change and agriculture are tied directly to social equity and development. Agriculture is both a cause and solution to global warming. Climate change creates new challenges to food production and the people who produce it.

Rural America is a changing landscape, where renewable energy, new markets for food and crops, and new residents can serve as a basis for more resilient and sustainable farms, rural economies and ecosystems.