IATP has been advocating for fair and sustainable agriculture and food systems for more than 35 years. Learn more about our agriculture work on our Agriculture & Food Systems page


IATP's Community Food Systems program is helping revitalize local economies, give farmers stable and predictable income through the buying power of institutions, like school districts and hospitals, and get fresh and healthy local food to students and communities.

The industrial meat and dairy sector emits more greenhouse gas than the entire transportation sector, while often relying on forced farm and slaughterhouse labor and draconian contracts for farmers. IATP has, for the first time, assigned greenhouse gas footprints directly to the corporations responsible.

IATP has long been a leader in making sure global agreements protect the rights of farmers around the world.


Visit our climate solutions page to learn more. 

Piloted in Minnesota, the Rural Climate Dialogues began from the idea that rural citizens hold the solutions for addressing climate change in their communities.