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Dean R. Kleckner, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, issued the following statement regarding the House vote on NAFTA:

The House action approving the North American Free Trade Agreement
begins a new chapter in trade relations, built on mutual respect and
cooperation. This new accord will bring ever-increasing benefits to
agriculture and will strengthen the U.S. economy.

The American Farm Bureau Federation offers its appreciation to the
members of Congress who took a step forward in supporting this very
important trade agreement. Their courageous vote may some day be noted
as the most important action affecting agriculture in this decade.

Many sectors in agriculture will benefit. Overall, farm exports to
Mexico will increase by over $2 billion a year above what would have
normally occurred. The big winners will include wheat, corn, soybeans,
beef, pork, dairy, dry edible beans and countless retail food products.

We are confident agricultural trade with Mexico will expand at a
greater rate than ever before. We are pleased that the message that
expanded trade creates jobs finally got through.

The approval of NAFTA will make it much easier to reach a
satisfactory resolution of our trade differences with the European
Community as we near the Dec. 15 deadline for concluding the Uruguay
Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

CONTACT: Dave Lane, 202-484-3610, or Don Lipton, 202-484-3624, both of the American Farm Bureau Federation

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