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Redwan Hamaza

Global Land Grabs on Valentine's Day at IATP! That's right. We want you to be our Valentine on February 14! We'll be discussing global land grabs and food sovereignty.

Speaker information:

Alexandra Spieldoch is an independent consultant on gender, food security and sustainable development issues. She has worked with international NGOs, farmers' associations and foundations globally for many years. Alexandra is a contributor to a new book on land grabs from Island Press, The Global Farms Race: Land Grabs, Agricultural Investment, and the Scramble for Food Security.

Redwan Hamaza is chair of the Oromia Human Rights and Justice Council in Minneapolis, and an advocate for the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms of the Oromos and other peoples in Ethiopia. Redwan will talk about land grab policies of the current Ethiopian regime and its impact on the indigenous life.

IATP President Jim Harkness will host and share his insights to land grabs in China.

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