Sivan Kartha, Ph.D.

Dr. Kartha is a Senior Scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute and co-leader of an institute-wide theme: Managing Climate Risks. His research and publications for the past fifteen years have focused on technological options and policy strategies for addressing climate change, and he has concentrated most recently on equity and efficiency in the design of an international climate regime. His most recent work has involved the elaboration of a Greenhouse Development Rights approach to burden-sharing in the global climate regime — an approach that places the urgency of the climate crisis in the context of the equally dire development crisis afflicting the world's poor majority. Dr. Kartha also works on mitigation scenarios, market mechanisms for climate actions, and the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of biomass energy. His work has enabled him to advise and collaborate with diverse organizations, including the UNFCCC Secretariat, various United Nations and World Bank programs, numerous government policymaking bodies and agencies, foundations and civil society organizations throughout the developing and industrialized world.