Tara Ritter

Senior Program Associate for Climate and Rural Communities

Tara Ritter joined IATP in 2013 and is a senior program associate for climate change and rural communities. She leads the Rural Climate Dialogues, a program that facilitates conversations throughout rural Minnesota to address local climate and energy issues and bridge ideological divides. She also does research and advocacy on climate and agriculture policy, including work on the farm bill, conservation practices and carbon markets.

Prior to IATP, Tara worked across the Upper Midwest researching nutrient management and soil health. Her research and writing focused on how farm management practices impact natural resources. In Ohio, she worked with a nonprofit and food hub to create markets for farmers and increase access to healthy food.

Tara holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from St. Olaf College and a M.S. in Environment and Natural Resources from The Ohio State University.