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The death of George Floyd in the custody of a Minneapolis police officer on Monday night profoundly saddened all of us at IATP. Minneapolis is the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy’s home, and we are grounded in our community.  We continue to deeply feel and grapple with the immense injustice of Mr. Floyd’s death and the evolving events that have followed in our neighborhood.  

IATP is committed to social and racial justice. This terrible, tangible illustration of deadly and violent nature of institutional racism in America is diametrically contrary to what we work for.   

We echo the calls of our allies at The Land Stewardship Project for the officers involved and the Minneapolis Police Department to be held accountable for the deadly event, as well as for change and justice now. We echo the calls of our friends at the Northside Achievement Zone for the end to all forms of racism, first within ourselves and then within the body politic. And our thoughts remain with Mr. Floyd’s family and entire community.