Bike and Bite 2012: Year of the Cooperative

August 18th at 10:00am CDT - August 18th at 2:00pm CDT

Bike and Bite 2012: Year of the Cooperative

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Bike and Bite is a food-centered community bike event hosted by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). After setting their own course between some or all of our designated stops, and tasting some delicious local goods along the way, riders are invited back to our headquarters in the Whittier neighborhood for more food, music, beverages and a chance to meet other local people interested in good food, the principles of cooperatives, and IATP's work supporting a fair, healthy and sustainable food system.

2012 is the International Year of the Co-op, and Minneapolis has lots to celebrate. This year, Bike and Bite will feature area organizations and businesses that exemplify the cooperative model or actively maintain relationships with co-ops, among other highlights of our local food scene.

The event goes on rain or shine! Be ready to map your own route, riding on city streets. Kids are welcome with an accompanying adult (and kids 12 and under can ride for free, but must register). 

Stops list

We are very excited to announce this year's Bike and Bite stops! 

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This year we have several pricing options, including Superstar options which include directly supporting IATP's work towards a fair and sustainable food system for all!

Superstar Rides!
Superstar ride, party and t-shirt: $35
Superstar ride and party (no t-shirt): $20

Adult Rides!
Adult ride, party and t-shirt: $30
Adult ride and party (no t-shirt): $15

Kids Rides!
Kids ride, party and t-shirt: $15
Kids ride and party (no t-shirt): Free!

Can't ride?
After party only: $15



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Stops and Sponsors

Growing Lots  
Growing Lots Urban Farm is a unique urban farming endeavor by Farmer Stefan Meyer, in collaboration with Seward Redesign, Inc., a non-profit that focuses on community development issues in the Seward and Greater Longfellow Neighborhood of south Minneapolis. In 2009, Seward Redesign staff were inspired by a visit to Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI, and decided that supporting an urban agriculture venture in Seward neighborhood was something they felt to be a part of their mission. With some amazing support from the Seward Co-op's Community Development Fund and Patagonia's Environmental Grant Program, a new urban farm was born.
Kim Bartmann's new restaurant
A new diner from local restaurateur Kim Bartmann is being planned for the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. The current tiny building, a former Mexican spot just east of Chicago Ave S on a lot that’s mostly asphalt, would be transformed into a restaurant / bar that would include a large outdoor garden and patio. According to Bartmann, the early plan is for the menu to be locally sourced and organic, even using food grown in the on-site garden.
Mill City Farmers Market  
Mill City Farmers Market’s mission is to support local, sustainable and organic agriculture, increasing economic opportunities for farmers, urban youth, small businesses and food artisans. To offer experiential learning about and access to healthy local foods and build a vibrant gathering place for Minneapolis residents and visitors.
Omega House  
  The Omega House is a unique co-op located south of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our co-op, short for cooperative, is an intentional community of adults striving to live well together.Sometime in the 1970s the house next door burned down and Omega bought up the land and turned it into community garden plots, which we coordinate. One small way we try to reduce waste and increase the fertility of our soil in the garden is by composting our food remains. Of course, this makes for very happy squirrels! Naturally, we don't use pesticides or herbicides. Hobby gardeners from the neighborhood and from the house grow organic vegetables, herbs, flowers and (unfortunately) sometimes high quality squirrel food. A quick look at the history of Omega will reveal why our “farm”, as we fondly call it, is so important to us.
Peace Coffee Wonderland Coffee Shop  
This is Peace Coffee’s first coffee shop. Just like the roastery/wholesale side of our business, the coffee shop is also owned by the local non-profit, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. Their support, combined with a talented and hardworking team of Peace Coffee staff, friends, family, artists, craftspeople and allies transformed a raw, dusty vacant corner building into a colorful, welcoming & energizing coffee shop!
Seward Co-op  
Seward Co-op opened in 1972, with the help of North Country Co-op members. In the beginning we were run by a core group of volunteers and had a small selection of products with a heavy emphasis on bulk goods. By 1976 we had grown quite a bit, and it was time to reorganize. We incorporated as a worker-owned cooperative, issued our first stock to members, required members to volunteer at the store, and established an elected board of directors.
Tamales Y. Bicicletas  
  Tamales y Bicicletas is an organization based in south Minneapolis that has been working with the Latino community for over 5 years. Our mission is to create healthier Latino communities by increasing the participation and influence of Latino youth and their families in environmental justice issues.
The Wedge Co-op  
The Wedge Co-op has been a feature of its South Minneapolis neighborhood since it started in 1974 on Franklin Avenue, in the basement of an apartment building just up the hill from Lyndale Avenue. A group of neighbors met that summer to organize a cooperative store to provide themselves with whole and natural foods, preferably in bulk quantities to save money.
Youth Farm  
Youth Farm and Market Project provides year-round, youth development programming for over 600 youths ages 9 – 24, utilizing experiential education and training, urban agriculture, gardens and greenhouses. We build youth leadership through planting, growing, preparing, and selling food. Youth Farm and Market Project currently works in 5 neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, Lyndale and Powderhorn in Minneapolis, and the West Side of St. Paul.


After Party

Surly Brewing Co.  
Our mission is to “tap” the passion and good will shared amongst Surly Nation to give back and to support our community. We follow through with this mission in two ways; firstly with donations of Surly beer and swag to local businesses and charitable organizations in need. Secondly, we provide ongoing opportunities for our volunteers to participate in Service Projects throughout the year.



Organic Valley  
Always Organic & Farmer-Owned since 1988. If a company is going to make a difference in today’s world, it’s going to have to think differently. At Organic Valley, our philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. We’re a mission-driven cooperative, owned by family farmers, and we’ve been leaders in organic agriculture from the very beginning.
Backpack Tactics  
Our mission is to make technology efficient for you in your office and at home. We create solutions to fit your specific business goals and budget. We tailor technology to fit your specific home needs.

We are different. We think technology should enhance your business success. As a small or medium size business, your technology needs are unique. We listen to your needs and develop a plan that fits you.

The Beez Kneez  
Community bees on bikes is the urban beekeeping and education program arm of the Beez Kneez. We are establishing and maintaining honeybee hives in Minneapolis community spoaces, while raising awareness of pollinators and their crucial role in our ecosystems. We provide the bees and experiential education to public and private groups in community gardens, urban farms and schools; commuting solely by bicycle!
Bike Twin Cities  
Bike Twin Cities ( is a social experience designed to engage the community in both the digital and real life landscapes of the Twin Cities Metro area. From the hard core bike enthusiasts to the Sunday cruisers we are hoping to engage the community in what is intended to become one of the largest bike events in the country. The intent of this experience is quality of life, to bring the community together to reconnect with our neighbors on and off the bike trails.
Birchwood Cafe  
In 1995, Cy and Del handed the Birchwood Store over to us and once again the Birchwood was reborn, this time as the Birchwood Cafe. Keeping the traditions of freshness and community alive, we made the Birchwood a friendly place to find good food and good people. Thirteen years (and counting!) later, the Birchwood is not just for neighbors anymore. Now a popular destination, people drive from miles around to feel right at home.
Black Forest Inn  
The Black Forest Inn is a rarity among Twin Cities' restaurants. Open for 41 years, the business has continuously changed in large and small ways. So not only is its lifespan longer than most restaurants, indeed most businesses, it is thriving because each change brings in new customers and creates new opportunities for the business.
The Cookie Cart  
The Cookie Cart’s mission is: centered in a community nonprofit bakery, Cookie Cart builds better lives by providing lasting and meaningful work, life and leadership skills. The organization’s primary goal is to prepare young people to find and keep jobs in the 21st century workforce. It achieves this objective by giving teens the opportunity to gain transferable employment and interpersonal skills that will help them be successful in work and in life. It also exposes them to a broad range of career choices and helps them identify areas of interest and aptitude for potential careers.
Courageous Crumb  
Locally produced artisan breads & pastries.
Eastside Food Co-op  
Eastside Food Cooperative will provide wholesome, high-quality natural and organic food at the lowest possible cost to members, volunteers and customers. The cooperative is committed to building community through volunteerism, neighborhood reinvestment and local participation. Our actions, policies and products will reflect our role as an environmental steward of our planet and will be guided by the Rochdale cooperative principles: Voluntary and open membership, Democratic member control, Member economic participation, Autonomy and independence, Education, training and information, Cooperation among cooperatives, Concern for community
Everspring Health  
Our mission is quality of life. To this end we are dedicated to creating an environment where lifestyle, health and healing services can be provided in an intuitive and compassionate manner that benefits our members, guests and the communities we serve.
The Hub Bicycle Co-op  
The workforce has been marginalized in today's economy. The Hub Bike Co-op was created in direct response to a profit first mentality. We believe you should shop co-op because in doing so, you help support workers. The Hub is worker owner and democratically run. No outside board of directors making decisions that effect the lives of employees. You must work here full time in order to become an equal part of group decision making. We are an egalitarian workplace. No closed door meetings. All workers get a vote and have equal access to information.
Lucia's Restaurant  
Chef Lucia Watson is the proprietor of Lucia’s Restaurant, Wine Bar, and Lucia’s To Go, one of the twin cities’ favorite neighborhood establishments. Lucia’s continuing popularity over the last two decades is a tribute to her sensibility in menu selection and her warm, congenial hospitality.
Sweets Bakeshop  
Sweets Bakeshop is a boutique bakery with a commitment to artisan quality and artistic presentation. We use all natural ingredients and take pride in the hand-crafted nature of our products. We specialize in cupcakes, French macarons, and catering. Whether you’re picking up a few things for home, or planning a big party, we offer treats fit for all of life’s special occasions!
Rochdale Farms
Rochdale Farms is the brainchild of Mary Bess Michaletz and Bentley Lein, who wanted to strengthen the market for small, local dairy producers by creating a top-quality brand of dairy products exclusive to co-ops.