Food MythBusters: The Real Story About What We Eat

Food MythBusters: The Real Story About What We Eat

December 5th, 2012 at 5:30pm CST

Has anyone ever said to you, "Don't we need industrial ag to feed the world?" The new short film, Food MythBusters from author, educator and sustainable food advocate Anna Lappé, is aimed at answering that question. Every day we are exposed to the myth that we need industrial ag to feed the world—Food MythBusters shows us how sustainable family farms are the key to growing food today and in the future.

Land Stewardship Project, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and Rainforest Action Network invite you to a screening of Food MythBusters on Wednesday, December 5th, at 5:30 p.m., at LSP's Minneapolis office, 821 E 35th St. Mpls, MN 55407. Following the screening, Julia Olmstead, senior associate in IATP's Rural Communities Program, and George Boody, LSP's executive director, will lead a discussion on the issues of hunger, food security and the food myths perpetuated by corporate ag. We will also talk about real solutions toward building a sustainable food and farming system that cares for people and the land.

Along with Food MythBusters, we will also be showing two other short films from Anna and the Real Food Media Project. One features LSP members LaVerne & Arlene Nelson on their dairy farm in Altura, Minn. The other features Kristin Carbone, a vegetable farmer in the Chesapeake Bay. 

This event is free and open to the public — however, space is limited, so please RSVP online here. You can also contact LSP's Megan Smith via e-mail or call 612-722-6377. RSVP is suggested, but not required. Oh, and refreshments will be provided!

Food MythBusters is brought to you by the Real Food Media Project, a collaboration between Anna Lappé, Corporate Accountability International and a Coalition of leading food and farming organizations to offer creative videos, online resources, and grassroots events that tell the real story about the food we eat. IATPLSP and RAN are excited to work with the Real Food Media Project to bring these inspiring and accessible films to our community.