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Diane Graff

A 321 mile oil pipeline is being constructed from Superior to Delavan by Global Pipeline Partners. The pipeline, to be operated by Enbridge Energy Co., will go through 16 counties in the state and is currently under construction in Jefferson County. (JOHN HART/Daily Times)
Construction of a 321 mile oil pipeline through the state of Wisconsin has reached Jefferson County.

Global Pipeline Partners is constructing the pipeline for the Canadian company Enbridge Energy Co. The $2.1 billion pipeline project includes a 42-inch crude oil line from Superior to Patoka, Ill., and a 20-inch diluents line, which sends diluents used to thin crude oil, north to a oil sands region near Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

Most of the work in Wisconsin, from Superior to Delavan, is scheduled to be completed this year, while work in Illinois is scheduled for completion by next fall.

Construction crews moved into Jefferson County along Interstate 94 near Lake Mills about a week ago, according to Global Pipeline Partners spokesman Thad Nation. Michels Construction is carrying out the construction for the Canadian company, which also owns the existing pipeline along the route.

It is the largest pipeline project done under a single contract in the history of Wisconsin, Nation said.Watertown Daily Times