Timothy Wise
The following article was originally published by Food Tank on March 30, 2023. 
Maize in Mexico
Dr. Steve Suppan
Shortly after IATP and 12,240 other Observer organizations (NGOs, intergovernmental organizations and United Nations entities) returned from the U.N.
haze from forest fire in Amazon
The following letter was sent to the Governor's Office, Minnesota House and Senate Leadership, Agriculture Chairs, Vice Chairs and Committee members, and MDA Leadership on March 28, 2023. 
MinneAg Farm Bill Priorities
This article is the ninth in a series highlighting the work of our colleagues around the world to build agroecological practices, science and movements. Agroecology has emerged as a set of practices based on principles that guide how to produce food sustainably, as well as how to manage the soci
Agroecology is a Poverty Solution in Haiti
Ben Lilliston
The latest greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show U S. emissions rising after a pandemic-induced dip, creating a tougher challenge for the Biden administration to reach its 2030 climate target.
Cows in California
Ben Lilliston
The latest biennial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) shows major emission reductions since the last report, finding a 23% reduction in overall emissions from 2005-2020. However, it will be difficult to reduce agriculture emissions significantly without addressing the state’s continued reliance on and expansion of CAFOs.
young hogs in confinement overlaid with graph of rising greenhouse gas emissions
Shiney Varghese
Sophia Murphy
The United Nations 2023 Water Conference — formally known as the 2023 Conference for the Midterm Comprehensive Review of Implementation of the U.N. Decade for Action on Water and Sanitation (2018-2028) — takes place in New York this week, from March 22-24, 2023, nearly five decades after the first U.N.
Woman watering in Nepal
In November 2022, the European Commission presented a proposal for an European Union (EU) Regulation on certification of activities that remove carbon from the atmosphere ('carbon removals'), which included voluntary minimum standards for companies that certify voluntary carbon offsets.
Verra offsets